Bespoke metalwork by Forgeability

Our bespoke metalwork approach

Forgeability is a team of experienced and highly skilled bespoke metalwork designers, draughtsmen, and craftsmen based near Cheltenham.

We design and manufacture a wide range of bespoke architectural, sculptural, industrial, commercial, and furnishing products.

We are passionate about producing high-quality, innovative yet practical bespoke metalwork solutions from porches to porticos, console tables to board tables, bannisters to balustrades

“If you can sketch it, we can build it!”

Exceptional quality metalwork

If you can sketch it then we can build it.  We deliver exceptional-quality metalwork using experience, creativity and skill.  Our understanding of what is practical is why we deliver on-brief, on time and on budget.

”We wanted something that looked a million dollars but did not cost a million dollars”

Metalwork - decorative table
Title: Satin-brushed polo console table Date: 2016
Customer: Private customer in Gloucestershire

Have a metal work project? You sketch it we'll make it!

Great results are rarely accidental.  Ours are achieved by listening, asking lots of questions, research, exploring new materials and techniques, innovation and hard work.

”Forgeability fully understood what we needed and took into account quite a few constraints that put off less experienced metalwork suppliers”

Metalwork branch glass table support on factory floor
Title: Twig cast brass coffee table Date: 2018
Customer: London-based hotel group

Innovative yet practical bespoke metal work solutions

Our design and manufacturing teams work closely together sharing knowledge, experience, ideas and skills to achieve the best results for our customers.

And, if we not sure what works best, we’ll try out various options and test them until we do.

For more complex metalwork projects this might involve research and prototyping.

”Working with January and the team, even on that cold February morning when we all stood around the workshop heater talking bronze, was a lot of fun”

Escher-style table support on workshop floor
Title: TBC                              Date: TBC
Customer: TBC

Surpassing metal work expectations

We are very proud of what we do. It matters to the whole team that not only do we get it right we achieve the best possible results.

”It never ceased to amaze us how enthusiastic and committed everyone was”

Antique hammered brass legs lined up on floor
Title: Hammered antique brass legs  Date: 2021
Customer: Private customer in London

Got a bespoke metalwork idea, project or a spec?

Call January and the team on 01242 603993 or use our contact form on our contact page 

Bespoke metalwork questions and answers

I have my own metalwork drawings can you work from them?

Yes, we can work from a wide range of drawing formats.

I don’t have any metalwork drawings?

Not a problem, we can work from a metalwork sketch, discuss it and go from there.

Do you do site work?

In terms of fitting railings and some onsite repairs ‘yes’ but generally as a rule no.

Do you do gates and railings?

Yes we manufacture and supply a wide range of traditional and modern railings

Can I just use the Water Jet Services?

Yes, there is a minimum fee of £95

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